Cold of Kalandar (Kalandar Soğuğu)

Year 2015
Director Mustafa Kara
Producer Nermin Aytekin
Screenplay Mustafa Kara, Bilal Sert
Directory of Photography Cevahir Şahin, Kürşat Üresin
Cast Haydar Şişman, Nuray Yeşilaraz, Hanife Kara, İbrahim Kuvvet, Temel Kara
Music Eleonore Fourniau

Mehmet is a man living with his family in a mountain village near the Black Sea. He earns his life breeding a few animals, while looking for a mineral reserve on the mountains but his pursuit is seen as useless by his family. Destroyed by his search for a mineral reserve, his hope is renewed with the news of a competition.

Mehmet will attend the bull fight held in Artvin, so he devotes his time to training the bull. But Mehmet returns from Artvin completely lost, once again. This simple story pictures the naive portrait of a touching life, and struggle and the relationship between nature, animal and human.

A documentarian must capture a single moment in a miraculous event that occurs in the course of everyday life after patiently pursuing his or her subject for an extended period. And this film proves that its director, Mustafa Kara, is endowed with this special ability. In Kara’s second dramatic feature, there is no distinction between truth and fiction. The protagonists, a family living in a natural setting far from modern civilization, are portrayed with palpable realism. But the inclusion of heartwarming exchanges, cow-training scenes, and fantastic elements prevents the film from being overly realistic. This magnificent paean to humans and nature is an allegory of enduring hope in harsh conditions.


O.V. -Turkish with English Subtitles

Running time: 139 minutes

Genre: Drama


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