A Unique Life (Nadide Hayat)

Year 2015
Director Çağan Irmak
Producer TAFF Pictures
Screenplay Çağan Irmak, Ali Demirel, Emre Özdür, Volkan Sümbül
Directory of Photography Barış Özbiçer
Cast Demet Akbağ, Yetkin Dikinciler, Sevil Akı, Batuhan Begimgil, Çisem Çancı
Music Evanthia Remboutsika

The latest film from Çağan Irmak, one of Turkey’s most beloved and popular filmmakers, tells the comedic story of Nadide, who is searching for hapiness after the death of her husband. Now over 50, Nadide once chose marriage over college and a career, and struggles to keep her family together. After reading an article in the paper, Nadide enrolls in college and finds herself in a journey setting sail to a new start at life with a group of young and mysterious captains. Join Nadide as she jumps into the deep!


O.V. -Turkish with English Subtitles

Running time: 117 minutes

Genre: Comedy

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