Limonata (Lemonade)

Year 2015
Director Ali Atay
Producer Nurgül & Mustafa Sirmen
Screenplay Ali Atay ve Ertan Saban
Directory of Photography Ahmet Sesigürgil
Cast Ertan Saban, Serkan Keskin, Funda Eryiğit, Luran Ahmeti, Zeki Sipahi
Music Ahmet Kenan Bilgiç, Taner Yücel, Okan Kaya

Suat is an old truck driver who lives in Macedonia. He is on his death bed and has a dying wish from his son Sakip. He wants Sakip to find and bring him his other son whom he had years ago in Istanbul from a woman he, not legally, but religiously married. His yearns to see this other son, whom he left when just a baby, one last time and get his blessing before passing away. Sakip, upon learning he has a brother, sets off from Macedonia to Istanbul in his father’s old car. All the information he has is that his brother’s name is Selim and an old address his father gave him. The two brothers fail to hit it off from the first moment. Sakip tells Selim about their father’s last wish, but Selim refuses to accept the situation. He is not interested in going to Macedonia. However Sakip is determined to convince and take him to their father at once. Seeing that he cannot convince Selim, one night, Sakip kidnaps a drunken Selim, puts him in the car and they hit the road..


Turkey’s prolific television and cinema star Ali Atay makes his directorial debut with LIMONATA, a charming road comedy depicting the story of two half-brothers on a reluctant journey from Turkey to Macedonia to their fathers’ death bed. Previously unbeknownst to one another, this tumultous adventure will test their patience and force them to question their allegiances.


O.V. -Turkish with English Subtitles


Running time: 110 minutes


Genre: Comedy


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